Addiction Recovery Programs

A rapidly growing field designed to optimize recovery rates following addiction/substance abuse treatment is that of recovery coaching. In its simplest form, recovery coaching is designed to bridge the gap between clinical treatment and the real world challenges of day-to-day sobriety/abstinence. 

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  A recovery coach's role is to help the newly sober/abstinent person avoid falling through the cracks of the traditional medical care system. The coach is focused on the individual needs of their client exclusively and making sure they have the right resources in place and that they are successfully navigating the complex hurdles of early recovery including financial, legal, relationship obstacles. The priority of the coach is to help empower the client to form a plan of action while providing accountability and support. When called upon, a coach may offer guidance in starting new behavior patterns but the focus is 24/7 on empowering the individual client to view their progress objectively and develop an independent, self-sustaining personal recovery. If you think this might be helpful, for you or for someone you care about, call today. 

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