Health Behaviors

So much of our health is related to our behavior! Obviously, the micro-choices we make each day add up to a lifestyle that promotes thriving or falls short. There's a lot each of us can do to make a difference.

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Coaching for optimal health is about much more than just fitness behaviors. It's about how do we manage the unavoidable stress that comes our way, sometimes in drips and drabs and sometimes in clusters or even in a torrent! Sometimes, changes in our health require changes in our behavior when we must adjust to new health regimens. Sometimes, there are strong but normal emotions connected with those changes- worry or sadness. Adjusting to things we cannot control is a challenge for anyone but especially when it is accompanied by changes in our feeling of wellbeing. Health coaching is an efficient way of matching powerful behavioral change methods to important health-related goals. Whether it's managing stress in the wake of cardiac bypass surgery, adhering to food/medication plan to stabilize diabetes or dealing with the aftermath of disease or accident, why not use the best combination of coaching and psychology to promote the best in wellness!

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