ADHD-related Difficulties

ADHD with or without hyperactivity can create a host of undesirable emotional, academic and career outcomes that are so unnecessary. We have the tools with medication and behavioral strategies to help boost performance closer to optimal levels and avoid the patterns of underachievement and low self esteem that so often accompany this condition. 

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Many individuals go years before being diagnosed or treated effectively. Often, coaching has been neglected when it can be a key element of a successful treatment plan. Coaching can help an individual match which ones of the bewildering array of techniques can be most helpful to each individual. What do you do when your meds are wearing off and you must be "on?" What do you do about how ADHD is impacting your friendships or your romantic relationships? How can you adapt effectively to the demands of your career without letting the impulsivity, disorganization or distraction dampen those performance appraisals? For each situation and for each individual, there will be variety of tools to draw upon and that's critical because novelty is another important piece of the engagement puzzle for each student, each spouse and each employee. Don't let ADHD ruin another job or relationship or class. Let's figure out what works for you together!

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