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"Starting career coaching with Dr. Fite was one of the very best decisions I have made. He breaks things down into small, approachable pieces to ease any overwhelm while helping you dig deep to find what is and isn’t working for you in your current situation. As someone who came in overworked, underpaid and unhappy, Dr. Fite helped me navigate the struggles of my current job and equipped me to tackle challenging conflict scenarios, all while being my biggest advocate. He also led me through a career transition to another field. We sorted through and narrowed down career options then built out an achievable game plan to transition seamlessly into a new field — I’m starting my new job next week!"- Thirty-year-old Software Engineer

“Dr. Fite helped me when I was at my lowest in my career. I was forced to shut down my business after a decade in operation. It left me feeling very lost, and depressed. Working with Dr. Fite regularly gave me a great deal of clarity, and helped to increase my self worth. He is very positive, and encouraging with his clients. I highly recommend his services."  Thirty-two-year-old Nonprofit Executive. 

Career Coaching can help when you are:


-Forced to make a change (graduation, layoff, a move by your family or spouse). Even though this hadn't seemed like the time to make a change,here it is upon you. Right now! What will you do?

-Torn between two or options. Should I stay or should I leave this job? Should I take this job or the other one? Should I work longer or go back now for more training?

-Hampered by underlying fears or stereotypes that are holding you back such as "people like me don't get jobs like that" or "I'm just not good at job interviews."

- Having trouble seeing beyond your own experience or through the bewildering number of informations sources out there about careers. What sources are credible? Who can I trust?

-Lacking a clear understanding of yourself. This is particularly true at the beginnng of your career, but it can happen at any point along the way as circumstances change. What type of career would be the best fit? Perhaps you feel inundated with inconsistent sources of information.

-Feeling conflicted in making an important decision. What if my heart says one thing and my head something else? What about the pressure I feel from loved ones or other people important to me?

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For all of these situations and more, career coaching can help. There are a variety of approaches for each scenario as well as specific assessments that can supplement powerful and targeted interventions.

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