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Executive coaching for leadership, realignment or preparing leaders for greater responsibilities. Teambuilding and individual assessment and coaching to develop emotional intelligence.

Relationship coaching- Singles coaching or navigating dating and targeting efforts to identify and explore high quality relationships.

Coaching for couples or family members attempting repair in relationships or developing greater skill in achieving and maintaining a high quality of relationship life.

Career Coaching for finding the best fit in career and developing a viable action plan to implement a path toward it. Recalibrating a current career to find a better alignment.

Life coaching for a variety of situations including ADHD, health behaviors including fitness and weight loss, and stress managment.

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Addictions Recovery. Strengths-based support for individuals and families in recovery or still struggling:

  • Addictions
  • Alcohol/Drugs
  • Codeliendency
  • Compulsive Overeating
  • Gambling
  • Video games
  • Other compulsive behaviors

Coaching means working with persons with both active addictions as well as persons already in recovery. A recovery coach can also provide part-time support for people entering recovery who are looking for help navigating early recovery. Helping clients work through potentially challenging events such as: going to work, attending business meetings, special events, family gatherings, etc. while providing encouragement, accountability, insight, and understanding through their own personal experiences of recovery is a foundation of recovery coachng.

A good sober coach is someone who is in recovery themselves; therefore, a sober coach understands what it takes to get sober, sets appropriate and healthy boundaries, helps clients determine realistic goals, assists clients with time management, finds sober activities, and helps clients identify triggers.

Coaching available hourly, daily, and numerous days per week. Coaching is offered over the phone, via video conference, and through face-to-face meetings.

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